Autonomous wifi smartwatch for kids

My wife just came to me saying that our daughter asked for a digital watch (as opposed to an analog watch) and hey, I immediately thought of a smartwatch so that I could integrate it with the home…

The thing is, daughter’s only an 8 year old… I’m (or we’re) not ready yet to give her a smartphone and all…

how would you guys do it? is there some android (or Tizen?) device that might fit my need?

Lg has a watch. I’m not sure about ST integration though.

If it were me, pay as you go cheap Android, rugged if possible, data off.

WiFi allowed, but shuts off at night.

Mum and Dad numbers programmed in.

Safest, cheapest and most useful.

Smart watches are a pain. Love mine but have to charge it everyday, and only integration is with a phone.

Good luck.

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I sold my son old square lg g watch cheap because he was about to impulse buy a new smart watch and blow savings. I then got round lg urbane :slight_smile: android wear watches need android phone (and apple need iPhone). I put some music on it and he can listen with cheap Bluetooth headphones. counts steps. I make or download some cool watch faces for him via watchmaker app (take that Apple Watch :wink: ).

there is ifttt app that can be set on watch to toggle a light, otherwise not sure if they help much with smart home. search for android wear here. there is a Samsung gear topic too, waiting a ST app, it’s tizen only I think.

But needs the phone, right?

I was thinking of something along the lines of the original Omate Truesmart that I had myself till my lifestyle ripped it apart (the antennas were on the straps, and my wheelchair moving motion of the arms/wrists tore those apart…)

Guess I’ll have to keep searching…

Thanks ppl!

Once set up, IFTTT on android wear may not need the phone to execute, IF the watch has wifi. I’ll try to test this sometime.

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