Automations not working, presence wrong

I am experiencing something new today. I haven’t changed anything, but an app “Nobody Home” has been failing to change my status from Home to Away. Additionally, the presence indicates no one is home, even when I look at my individual mobile presence and it clearly says I am present. The problem is I have motion sensors set up to notify me of motion after I leave. They are going off all the time now and push notifying me.

I found where to set the status to ‘Home’ manually (side note, disappointed in the way that changed from the old way) as a temporary solution.

Anyone else seeing this?

this may help

Edit. Mine is working correctly.

I have it opening the garage when my wife gets home and vice-versa. But lately, when she leaves and closes the garage door, ST states that she has left and then states that she arrived, thus opens the garage door and leaves it open. Because of this, I just went ahead and bought a presence sensor instead.