Automation Suggestions

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned already or not but I would love to see the ability to customize automations a little more with more advanced options under the IF conditions such as having the ability to choose “AND” or “OR” to allow more complex conditions such as IF motion in living room OR 5PM THEN turn of the lights. I realize this could be done with two separate automations but I’m trying not to clutter my automation list with hundreds of automations.

Another thing that would be nice is a way to create groups or folders for automations that are related to make it a little less cluttered in the apps UI. Such as a group for “light automations” or a group for “security automations”

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Simple and/or can be done in automations. When setting up the if statement, directly below the word IF, you will see “All Conditions” (and) or “Any Condititions” (or).

It looks like the “OR” option isn’t available in all scenarios, for example when using a a specific time along with a device state you don’t have the option to choose “OR”.

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