Combining ANY and ALL conditions in an automation - possible?

I’d like to create an automation based on time AND location mode, where motion is detected on sensor 1 OR sensor 2 OR sensor 3. In the app when I create the condition on time I can then add the conditions for location mode and sensors, but I cannot create the AND scenario for time and location mode; instead I can only create (time AND (location mode OR sensor 1 OR sensor 2)) or (time AND (location mode AND sensor 1 AND sensor 2)).

Is there a way to combine the AND and OR conditions the way I’ve described? Maybe something simple I’m missing in the app?

For complicated rules you’ll want

It’s not simple, but it is possible. :sunglasses: See the community FAQ (the topic title as a clickable link)

Thanks … was hoping it was baked natively into the new app since the classic app was able to do this (or at least was able to do my specific set of conditions)

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Have you tried the Smart Lighting SmartApp to see if it will do what you need? Smart Lighting does a lot more then just what the ‘Lighting’ name implies. I use Smart Lighting for a lot of other things than just lights.

Select what you want to control, when something happens, but only when time, day, location mode, switch, illumination is this.

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