Feature Request: Nested ORs and ANDs in Routines

This is a feature request. I would like to see the ability to nest OR conditions for a few scenarios:

1.) I have multiple motion sensors in a larger room. I would like to turn on the lights if either of the motion sensors show movement.

2.) I have a porch light I created routines for based on motion from my Ring Doorbell. I would like to change that routine to turn the light onto full brightness IF the Ring Doorbell detects motion OR the front door is opened.

I am pretty sure the basic “AND” is there because you can request all conditions are met before the routine processes the action however, if you put in an “OR” I am sure someone is going to need the ability for multiple conditions to be true in one of those OR conditions.

If you choose 2 devices as triggers in routines, you can choose if ALL devices meet the specified condition or if ANY device meets the specified condition at the top of the 2 devices listed in the IF statement.


PERFECT!!! Thank you very much!!!

You can nest and/or by setting one or more device status as a precondition, then choosing “any” for the others. I’m sure there are particular cases where this isn’t the right combination but it should cover at least some.

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