Automation: Security mode not working, new app

Setting up a light to turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise only when Security mode is in Armed(away)

-Set period of time Sunset-Sunrise
-If light is Off
-Security Mode Armed(away)

-Turn light On

But light wont turn on in Armed(away) or any mode. If I remove the Security mode constraint the light turns on as it should at sunset. I don’t have location or presence set up at all.

Adding screenshot

The time range is only a filter, not a trigger. One of the other conditions needs to change during that time frame to trigger the automation to run. Try flipping the STHM status during that time frame while the light is off the see if it runs.

Just tested your suggestion but changed time to a period since im still 4hrs from sunset. If I toggle from Armed to Disarm and back to Armed it does turn on. But if its a Filter shouldnt it only check IF’s during that specified time window then execute if the IF AND conditions are met? And I gave the period 5 minutes and it didnt turn off. Any suggestions to get light to turn on 30min after sunset and 60min before sunrise only in in Armed(away) mode?

You should be able to use the Smart Lighting app and turn on light at sunset +/- an offset but only if home is in “Away” mode. This will work if your changing modes in your automations.

I was using the Smart lighting app previously and it had a separate issue. It would execute regardless of Away or Home was set.