Automation Motionless Duration Longer than 1 Hour?

I recently converted my short term rental property from Wink to SmartThings (due to Wink’s new subscription model).

I had a simple automation in Wink that would setback my Thermostat, disable backyard lighting, and disable the pool heat if there was no motion for more than 23 hours.

I can set up a simple Automation in SmartThings to do the same thing; HOWEVER, the “Motionless duration” only allows up to 60 minutes. . .wtf? How can I get around this odd oversight.

I tried to set this up using IFTTT; however my motion sensors do not show up as “Presence no longer detected” just “Any new motion”.

Any help is appreciated. I am excited to work with SmartThings, but figured this type of automation should be a basic feature.


Wondering if you found a solution to this?
I tried to do this with an Alexa Routine which can be set for tool ok for no motion for up to 12hrs but you can not build complex triggers like if no motion and door locked.

Unfortunately not… it should be a minor mod for smartthings… they said it was on the road map…