Automation assistance for sensors in sequence?

Hi All,

I have an issue with home automation with STH (either old or new app).

Specifically I have some issues with lighting automation. I use Xiaomi motion sensors and smart switches from LightwaveRF. I cannot seem to generate very good automations. Here is my usecase…

I have LWRF switches on the landing and the hallway, also sensors in both locations. I want to be able to control the switches to turn the landing lights on when I walk up the stairs and turn the light on when I walk down the stairs in the hallway. The current app only allows for conditons to be met on ALL or ANY. This mean you cant do anything like “if motion on this sensor, then motion on this sensor, turn on this light switch”. The same applies when you want to combine this with location modes etc

Webcore was great for this, but is not supported on cloud intergrations. Are there any other smartapps to use?

Thanks all

Question… were you not able to find the device to add it to webCoRE? In available devices, did you go to the bottom part of the screen and look in Select devices by capability and look in groups 1-3?

Yes, I have added them in. But the dimmer doesnt seem to turn on. I was under the impression it didnt work with cloud intergrations like LWRF?