AutoMagic Premium

Hi all,

Just wondering has anyone ever used this or using this? I’ve recently taken the plunge and spent the £2.40 it costs of the play store over here, and think its amazing.

However, there doesnt seem to be an intergration into Smartthings. I’m currently using a work around where by when a routine is triggers I get the push notification and Automagic read that notification and processes the flow (automation of what I’ve set up).

What I have is:
Goodnight routine runs (push notification sent)
Automagic reads notifcations and looks for a notifcation from the Smartthings App containing the works "GoodNight!"
When detected, Automagic then runs a command from Unified Remote Full to shutdown my computer.

I also have it set to something simillar but based on location:
If I leave my home location during 9:30AM and 4PM (Android location)
send command via Unified Remote to Lock computer

I think its amazing, but like Tasker, but without the learning curve and a very nice intuative UI.

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I’ve been using Automagic for quite some time. Just started with SmartThings in the past month, so I’ve just started looking into this. Just messing around, I found a reference on the Automagic forum where you can use the Launch Shortcut action to fire off a command to ST. I think I’m going to work on an alternative to the SmartThings & Tasker GeoFencing concept using Automagic.

Isn’t AutoMagic compatible with Tasker / Locale plugins? If so, have you tried SharpTools

Yeah. It does. I’m just getting started with SM, so far I’m struggling to get anything not stock to work. Got a couple remotes I’m trying to get working. I might play with this a bit in the meantime, but those are top priority.

And yeah, I have SharpTools (still in my 1wk trial), and have a few widgets on my phone. I also have ActionTiles (also in the trial) working. Probably gonna buy SharpTools. I like the ActionTiles concept, but don’t know if I have the use case to justify it currently.

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I’m the developer of SharpTools, so feel free to tag me (@joshua_lyon) or use the Send Feedback option in-app if you have any questions.

You can find some examples for using SharpTools at the microsite. The examples are built using Tasker, but the core concepts still apply: