Autolock locked kids out of the house while playing in the back yard

anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this?

Configure autolock to only work while mode is away / during nighttime hours.

I have mine set for 1 hour during the day and 5 minutes at night. I still get locked out once in a while but that’s what the keypad is for…

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I thought about that… but i have the door also running off SMH, so at night when the alarm is on the door wouldn’t be unlocked… i haven’t figure out how to get away setup…

Me always have phone
wife always has phone
daughter 30% has 70% its dead
85 year grandmother no phone.

How old are the kids? What type of lock?

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10 years old
Kwickset 910 z-wave (outside trim has no keypad)

You could replace the lock with one with a pin pad.

Smartthings also announced a new keypad in January if you want to wait for that, but they didn’t say exactly when it would be available:


Gosh… I would never want a smart lock without a fully local keypad; especially if it automatically locked.

Getting locked out is a much, much, much bigger risk and problem than a burglar going around testing to see if my door is unlocked.


And one of the #1 reasons I didn’t choose Kwikset…

I dont see any way around this other than not allowing the autolock to occur during the daytime when you expect people in the house or changing your setup to include a keypad. Seems as the system did EXACTLY what it was configured to do.

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You could Hide a key under the doormat? :wink:


I use one of these (even though I have a keypad lock, this is handy in case the battery is dead or other electronic malfunction).

Mechanical / Analog solutions are great backup. Just like physical light switches.


I concur with adding a keypad or replacing the lock with one that has a keypad. When I switched out my manual locks, I originally wanted to avoid keypads, but they have made life so much easier.

As a side note, if smart locks had been around when I was growing up, I never would have learned how to jimmy window locks or pick door locks to avoid being stuck outside everytime I lost or forgot my house key.