Lock while away (Kwikset 910)

My auto lock after a set number of minutes app isn’t working anymore. Has anyone else seen them? I’ve updated the app, and there are several versions of it in the Shared Apps, but it is not locking my door after a fix set of time anymore.

I’m using the app called Lock after awhile, and it just isn’t work, doesn’t appear to be firing the events in the console even.

Any ideas?

You can use the dashboard version now. I don’t know if it is any better (except it works) than the version you were using but you can probably get support for it. Use the “Lock up when the door is closed” option.

I had same issue with 914. There’s a v2 in the shared app which works. Also, you cannot use the dashboard action unless you have a door sensor also.

I had to take the v2 in Shared app. I don’t have a door sensor on the door with a lock.