Auto garage door panel open routine setting off intrusion alert

Could this be a timing issue?

I have SHMonitor set to disarm with the arrival of my presence device S7 cell phone. My garage door is set in a Routine to open with the arrival of my phone. Randomly I will set off an intrusion alert.

I’m interested to know the root of what is causing this.

I had the same issue. Do you have Rule Machine? I created a rule that opens the garage door when the SHM status changes to disarm

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I don’t and it looks like I won’t: Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support.

So you’re saying in addition to the Routine that triggers the door to open on arrival there is a Rule saying that Routine cannot run until SHM is disarmed?

I’ll look around a little for Rule Machine but if he really took it down, then what other options do I have? I thought having my garage door open when I pull around the corner from my house was frivolous and silly, when in reality IT IS AWESOME AND I LOVE IT!

No it is dead and gone for those that dont have it unfortunately. ST really irritated Bruce. you could use SmartRules for this and it would be a great candidate for the Free test version since it would only be one rule. that would let you see it is worth buying.

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I don’t generally have that sort of problem. Although I don’t use my phone to control the opening of the garage door I use presence sensors (that also disarm the smart home monitor). I use phone presence in conjunction with the car presence to disarm the alarm and since the presence sensors need to connect to the hub to trigger the garage door that usually happens after my phone has already disarmed the smart home monitor.

I don’t have any sort of audible alarm or light alarm when an intrusion occurs since I’m not really at the point of trusting my routines yet…

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No Android available yet it appears:

No kidding… my wife thinks a burglar will run into the garage when it open automatically. Hope she’s wrong about that!

I’m only about a few weeks into this ST thang, and it seems there are many applications that overlap and provide unique functionality. Not to muddy the waters but what is the go-to setup at this point? I know, to each his own, but what is the best way for someone that has too little time getting my house up to an IQ of at least 80? Right now I like using Logitech Harmony when at home, despite it’s lacking some functionality we can live without while at home. Then ST when away.

I’ve been opening my garage doors for several years with my cars (I bought a SmartThings Hub almost 2 years ago)… I occasionally have had random garage door openings when presence sensors would disconnect and reconnect… I have alleviated that lately by requiring the presence sensors to be away for a time before the garage door will trigger which so far has seemed to work very well.

It does mean that if I am gone for less than the time required for the door to open I have to open it with the remote… but I have that in the car anyhow for when I depart. (I do like to have the garage door close automatically when I leave but that’s just a backup for when I am forgetful (which doesn’t happen that often… but is there as a safeguard.

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@scottashell, thanks for sharing… I think I’m on the right track. I have a Routine to close garage automatically at night and when we’re gone, in the event we flake out on manually shutting the door. That’s worked perfectly. I don’t have the delay set up yet as I wanted to test so was just riding the four wheeler to the end of the neighborhood with my phone then turning around. Delays won’t be a problem though because we’re in the foothills of Golden, CO and everything but a mountain is 15 minutes away.

my use case.

My house is a straight line from the end of my road about 1/10 ± miles away.

My Geofencing is setup to the end of the road so that it has plenty of time to detect my phone and start the “Im Back” routine.

when the routine runs it turns off SHM, turns on lights depending on external luminescence (I still dont trust the TOD in ST) and open garage door

When SHM state changes to Disarm 5 seconds later it triggers a rule that opens the garage door.

When leaving I use a Minimote to run a rule
Button 1. Change to “Away” mode turn off all lights, set thermostat, close garage door.
Rule: When Mode is Away and Garage door is closed set SHM to Arm/Away

Button 2. Change mode to “Store Run” . Store run is used when the Kids are home and I make a quick trip
Rule: When Mode Change to Store run Lock all doors and close garage
Rule: When Mode=Store Run and garage is Close set SHM to Stay/Arm

I do not use Geo-fencing to Arm SHM, control me leaving, or close the garage so it is not an issue with it detecting me as away when I am home and I think having the larger geo-fencing area makes it less likely to have false reports.

@keltymd, interesting. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful.

I’m going to roll with how I have it for a few more days and see how many more “false” alarms I receive. It’s not a big deal other than my wife getting the notification and thereby doubting my ability to implement these cool gadgets. But hey, we’re still better off than we were before going this way!