Virtual Devices with v2 hub?

What am I missing here? Once I upgraded to v2 hub I can no longer create “virtual” doors by mapping a open/close sensor to a lock/relay. It seemed like with v1 I could make these types of mappings into a virtual device.

I’d simply like to know how to unlock/lock or open/close a door with a given presence sensor’s departure or arrival.

I think you should look at Rule Machine or Trigger Happy apps. They will bring you happiness. Or something like that.

Thanks Brian! This should work for now.

Have you seen any smart apps floating around that manipulate the shm states (arm/disarm)? I’d like to disarm my alarm for maybe 10mins when someone arrives.

For sure you can use Routines for now. They are ST native SmartApps. They have had their issues, but have worked for me more than 99% of the time.

I know of some SmartApps that can change SHM, like Keypad Manager, and Smart Alarm (highly recommended by reputation). Check those out as a start.

@bravenel, do you have plans for Rule Machine or Trigger Happy support SHM in the future?

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Handling timed events and SmartThings don’t go well together. You’re better off coming up with a physical event that would arm your SHM back up.

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@SBDOBRESCU I don’t need it to be accurate just reliable. My delayed door lock when the door is open using Rule Machine seems to work.

@bridaus Thanks for showing me these, they did help accomplish maybe 40% of the commands I’d like to perform. What’s screwing me is I can’t seem to figure out how to with either Rule Machine or Trigger Happy to have one of the devices act as a conditional for the other instead of them both being triggers.

My example is I’d like to open the garage when I get home. In Rule Machine I set My Presence AND Garage Contact Closed -> Trigger Momentary Switch. The problem is, it will keep triggering the momentary switch when I attempt to close the garage (opening the garage back up). Any thoughts on accomplishing this? With the V1 virtual devices this wasn’t a problem as the contact sensor was, as it should be, a conditional for the state of the garage.

Seems like there should be a SmartApp that works like Trigger Happy but with other devices as conditionals. I also wonder if it’s possible to create a virtual “garage” device because none of this works within routines.

I didn’t mean the timers are not accurate, they often fail. As for opening the garage, there is a custom device type built by ST, called garage door sensor button. With that type and Rule Machine, you can achieve exactly what you need…

What’s that device type do that the others don’t? I’m assuming I assign it to the contact sensor. It doesn’t seem to do anything particularly different.

Ah I got it figured out with your direction. I think that device type is just left over from the V1 virtual devices and you still need to install this SmartApp to get it working.

It was taken down initially, and then brought back, I believe. But yes, is the same as the v1 functionality…you don’t need to use that specific app though. But that’s what I use too…however, the presence sensor has been so delayed lately that I use the Homelink often because I don’t feel like waiting in front of the ggaragejust to use ST.

Interestingly enough I think I was able to do away with modes altogether when pimping out routines to the max and as a side effect I get to use the iPhone widget. Finally I think I understand their use.

I was able to get a working “virtual device” with my Z-Wave Tilt Sensor (I like to keep everything Z-Wave) as well using this device type: