Ridiculously Automated Garage Door - How to Automatically Close Door

I seem to be misunderstanding how to trigger the door to close after x minutes. I do not see where this option exists with the smartapp on my iphone. Many thanks in advance of your reply.

I wrote my own. I don’t know, didn’t find, a way to do it with the current new phone app.

You specify a different door to watch. For example with me it’s my side door as my garage is not attached to the house. Arrive home, garage door open, then the app watches the side door for the next 10 minutes (I think). If the app sees the side door open and close sometime after the garage door was opened, it closes the garage door.

@chrisb Is this an app your looking for or one that you wrote already? Like you can use rule machine to do this. I’ve been able to move over a few of my custom apps to this.

Would love to get the Rediculously automated garage door but don’t know how to get it to operate the Iris garage door opener due to it not showing as a switch and the smart app is looking for a switch.

I am not familiar with writing a code and would appreciate any help.

I have it set up now to open when you arrive and close when you leave however the smart app for that does not ensure it closes after so many minutes of being open to ensure you don’t forget to shut.