Australia - Tired of waiting

(Luc Perreau) #21

Hi Bob, that’s what im thinking :thinking: i dont want someone to turn off the
light switch so that ST cannot control the light :confused:

David, the IFTTT recipe is for Daikin Europe, they have a cloud setup which
unfortunately does not work for Australian Daikin setups.

(Bob) #22

In the UK we have a company called Lightwaverf that do light switches and sockets. They are nice devices.
These do not integrate with ST directly as they work to their own hub.
They can ‘talk’ to each other using ifttt.
Some clever guy has came up with a way of integrating the two together using a Raspberry Pi over UDP.
Works brilliantly. Only problem is you end up with 2 hubs and a Pi.
Might be something worth investigating.

(Luc Perreau) #23

Thanks Bob, ill check em out…if i go Pi ill most prob go openHAB.

(David D'monte) #24

Yeah this is true but at the moment in my house, it’s just a habit now not flicking the switch.
We basically just leave all the lights on and leave the house.
Our mobile will turn off all the lights when we leave and turn them on when we arrive home.
We also just just say OK google turn all lights off when needed.
My next project is having motion sensors/door sensors to trigger the on and off of all the lights.
C’mon Xiaomi shipment!!!

(Luc Perreau) #25

I get u…but what happens when ur Google Home is in the kitchen and ur
in a bedroom far away? Will it hear you? Or you use ur phone for the voice

(David D'monte) #26

I have 2 google homes
One in the front of the house and one in the mid/ back end of the house.
I have found that the devices are getting better at picking up my voice.
For instance I can be in my alfresco area and say play music to house and it would pick up my voice from sometimes both of the google homes.
I have only used my phone a couple times to turn the lights off.
I’m also considering the Logitech pop or similar device for a physical switch

(Luc Perreau) #27

So no matter how many Google Home devices you have they all listen and work as one? That’s super cool. I am considering getting one instead of the Amazon Echo. Here goes my Sonos dream :slight_smile:

(David D'monte) #28

They work independently but together if you know what I mean.
Pair them up with the Chromecast audio and you can have music throughout the house.

(Luc Perreau) #29

Sweet, thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated. Ill update once i
have ST going :+1:


Have had smartthings us version running for over a year now in Melbourne. Love it. I have the following connected or integrated:
-SmartThings motion sensor
-wemo bulbs
-hue bulbs (connected directly to act as zigbee repeaters), but warning… You won’t be able to reset them without a different controller
-Blink cameras
-harmony hub
-wemo insight
-plant link plant moisture sensors
-Xiaomi smart plugs (super cheap)
-Xiaomi motion sensor (cheap)
-Xiaomi door sensor (bargain price)
-Xiaomi smart button
-SwannOne Smart plugs
-Sony bravia android tv
-zen thermostat
-broadlink rm pro to control Rf devices bridged through an android TV box.

I love smartthings as it’s so open and there is a strong community building integration and smartapps constantly.

(Luc Perreau) #31

Wow…so i have no reason not to get it. It seems Xiaomi is the way to go.
I looked them up but could not find much on their site. Got any links where
i can buy their stuff?

I have a Samsung SmartTV but i dont think ill be able to integrate it, i
will use my ChromeCast for this. My next TV will most prob be Android :wink:


I actually started with smartthings by accident as I backed zen thermostat and they gave me a free Smartthing hub to use with the thermostat. It was so awesome that I got hub v2 the moment it was launched.
I’ve only added the Xiaomi stuff to my system in the last 2 weeks. It’s not official integration. Some users complain that it’s not stable. Just a word of warning. Mine been great so far and since they’re so cheap, didn’t see much harm in buying some. And they are soo tiny. I got them mainly from gearbest as they were having a sale and I think the sale are still on. Although AU direct Dx had the smart plugs on sale earlier this week for only US$9.99. The smart plugs were the only one I had some slight issues with, but once I remove the temperature from the device handler code, it has been working as expected.
The smartthings Smartsense motion sensor I find are way too sensitive…i get too many false alarm with them.
I also have the arduino thingshield, so looking to integrate an irrigation system through it soon.
Depending on the age of the Samsung TV, it might integrate with it. My Sony TV is via a community created device handler using TCP to communicate with it. But the great thing is I can actually see if my tv is on or off remotely. So it’s setup as part of my “alarm” to turn on the tv as it detects motion when in away mode.

(David D'monte) #33

Hey Aarick,
How do you find the Zen thermostat?? is it hooked up to the heating and AC?
Can I ask what kind of devices you have hooked up to your broadlink? and if there is there a direct integration with SmartThings?


(Luc Perreau) #34

Thanks guys, now i have enough resources to move forward :blush:


Hey David…
The Zen Thermostat works great, but i only have it connected to my heating. My cooling is a Bonaire ducted evaporative cooling with a control that can’t be integrated unfortunately. Zen Thermostat are local in Melbourne, so I am happy to support an Aussie company…
The broadlink doesn’t integrate natively with smartthings. I have to use an android box and install RM Bridge.
This guide on github is what I used:

I only use it with a few rf 433mhz wireless plug i have to control a few appliances. This was before i discovered how cheap i could get the Xiaomi ZigBee Smart Outlets. Now i would rather bypass this setup and use the Xiaomi Plugs instead.
I do I have it setup in my study so it could control my old Plasma in there as well via IR.

Would like to get a few google home to put around the house too. Glad to hear they’re working well. Tempted by Alexa as the Echo Dot is much cheaper. Will wait a bit for now.

(David D'monte) #36

The wife loves her RF 433mhz plugs and so I was thinking of getting one of the broadlinks to integrate with ST.
But like you said the Xiaomi plugs were so cheap the other day that I would most likely go down that path.
Just trying to work out how to replicate her setup with lamps so it’s still as easy as how it is now, which is 1 physical button can turn on every lamp on in the house.
The google homes are great, hope they bring out a similar device to the dots soon.
Thanks for your reply Aarick :wink:

(Bob) #37

You can get buttons.
Personally I haven’t got any but I’m sure Fibaro do one.
Search the forum and I’m sure you will find information regarding these.
There is also a cube that you turn round and place to do various things.
Once you have one you can set up a CoRE piston to turn on all your lights when it is pressed.

(David D'monte) #38

Thanks Bob,
That cube looks awesome.
I only have 1 coloured bulb. I really didn’t think about having the cube button to trigger different coloured lights. Think I might have to order one of the Xiaomi ones to play around with.
Not sure if it’s just me but Im not sure if I would use all the coloured bulbs throughout the house?
Do you use them and what kind of things do you trigger with them?

(Bob) #39

Personally I don’t have any physical buttons or a cube.
Just thought I’d mention it in case you were unaware.

(David D'monte) #40

Thanks mate