Aurora Aone / Samotech / Hue -> Smartthings


I am about to install a new lighting system that must be compatible with Smartthings, which comprises several inline controllers.

Two options being considers -

  1. Using Aurora Aone
    This looks like a great setup, although the nicely designed kinetic switch is not supported in Smartthings, and neither are some of the features of the rotary dimmer modules.

  2. Using Samotech dimmer switch

I like the Samotech idea as it gives me fliexibilty to use with Hue later on. (I don’t currently have Hue, but can imagine I will add it at some point).

So I have 2 questions for the community:

  1. Does the Samotech Zigbee Dimmer (SM309) effectively do the same thing as an Aurora inline controller?

  2. What would be the benefit of having Samotech controller connected to Hue bridge, and THEN connected to smartthings vs connecting Samotech straight to Smartthings?

Thanks in advance

The Aone inline controller does not support being linked to a wired switch. It has to be controlled wirelessly via an app e.g. Smartthings or Hue.

The Samotech controller does support being linked to a wired momentary switch. It can be considered to be a Zigbee equivalent to the Fibaro Z-Wave micro modules.

The Samotech controller is actually the samething sold by several other companies under other names. For example see the following.

There are so many varieties of this same controller I am no longer sure who the real maker is. It might be the above i.e. RGB Genie.

So, no it is not the same as Aone. Yes it should be according to the above link possible to link to both Smartthings and Philips Hue.

NOTE! None of these RGB Genie, Samotech etc. rebadged versions will be exposed to Apple HomeKit via the Philips Hue Hub.

It is worth also noting the following.

They make their own micro module which also uses Zigbee and can also link to Phlips Hue. At least currently they claim it is exposed to Apple HomeKit via the Philips Hue hub. As the Hue Hub can be linked to Smartthings it can also be used with Smartthings.

As you may have noticed they are an Australian firm but have indicated they plan to enter the European market. Their ability to be exposed to HomeKit via the Hue hub is currently unofficial but I get the impression they do intend to join the ‘Friends of Hue’ to make this official and therefore safer to rely on. I would otherwise be worried Philips might block this at some point.


Thank you so much for your help. I see and understand now, the difference between the wired and non-wired approaches .

If I used the Samotech (or alternative brand!) without a physical switch, does that mean that they then effectively do the same thing? (I’m not planning on having wired switches)

And secondly, what are the advantages of connecting a light controller via Hue to Smartthings, instead of just connecting to Smartthings?


Yes I would say using the Samotech without a wired switch would be equivalent. However apparently UK regulations require the ability to use a physical light switch at least in some cases.

Connecting via Hue hub means you benefit from the Hue ability to link to many systems although in this case not HomeKit. Other than that I don’t think there would be much difference. You would not be able to use smart bulbs for example on the circuit controlled by the Samotech.