August Smart Lock Integration

I know this has been brought up in the past with no luck however I recently emailed August Locks and got a different response than usual which could mean something is in the works or they are more open to the integration than previously.

Hopefully the Smartthings staff take a second look at this and work with August to get this integrated.

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August is releasing a ZWAVE version of their smartlocks later this year.

So best to wait… and if you have the current bluetooth one, you might be out of luck :frowning:
As it would be very unlikely they will be doing it for older one because its the selling point of their upcoming zwave lock

Well with the Connect adapter the locks can be accessed anywhere so they should be able to do a cloud-to-cloud integration fairly easily. Just need to get the right people at Smartthings talking to the right people at August I guess. Also would make sense to integrate because they can get another doorbell into the mix at the same time.