August’s new wifi Lock now available (May 2020)

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Yeah, no bridge is nice. :sunglasses:

I personally still prefer a keypad lock, but for condo owners and renters, or just those who prefer the look, this is a nice option.

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One thing to note: not surprisingly, battery life sucks on this model. :rage:

The team at August estimates the lock’s batteries should last three to six months. That’s a shorter suggested lifespan than the six months to a year promised for the older, AA models.

(The older models used the Plug-in bridge for WiFi.)

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@JDRoberts, it isn’t a surprise. Wifi would drain the batteries far quicker than any other wireless standard used in home automation.

Oh, I know. But it is a surprise to me that they went ahead and released a model that might have a battery life of only 2 to 3 months. There are some new battery technologies that can greatly improve that. Among others you can see them in the Blink cameras.

Honestly, my first thought was, why would you do that?! Ruining a working device with Wifi. The most pointless exercise. A lock requires two way communication, at any time. That sounds like a lot of battery usage. And what about connectivity with different brands of routers meanwhile trying to keep wifi at low power.

It just looks like a really bad idea.