Audit log of when a code is not updated in a lock

I use SmartThings to push codes to locks with various hubs. I have 17 hubs and over 100 locks and push multiple codes per day to locks. These locks are remote, so…I need to be able to see an audit log of when I push a new code to a lock (via API) and the code does not get set… I could audit in SmartThings website, App, or it could push this data to google sheets (ideal) . Currently, I look at the Activity Log in SmartTIhgns V1 APP and can see

  1. When the API call happens
  2. When the lock verifies the new code is set (see pic below)

The issue is that is very very manually, and I want to take my reliability and knowing when a pin is NOT set to the next level. Thoughts? I"m happy to pay a developer to build this feature btw!!!

Have you seen this?