Attic fan z wave integration


Is there an inline zwave switch that runs off of 2 wires? I have an attic fan that I would like to run off of a temp sensor.

(Mark Whipp) #2

I have experience with two z-wave switches that I have plugged into a non-grounded extension cord and worked. This is NOT recommended but they worked. Both handle up to 1/2 HP motor loads.


I was thinking more along the lines of wired in. This fan is connected by barrel nuts. I turned the ac on and it didn’t kick on. I have to test it for power and make sure it’s good but I think it’s just possibly not getting a load.

(Mark Whipp) #4

Sorry, don’t have experience with in line switches that will handle that load, only lighting. If you are up to it, could add extension cord type plug and recepticle.

Maybe someone else can jump in and give you a suggestion. @JDRoberts ?


If you mean without a neutral, I don’t believe there any that will run a fan.

As long as the fan is just of the on/off type, not variable speed, you can use An Inwall relay. There may not be a neutral at the switchbox, but there will be a neutral somewhere On the circuit, perhaps at the fan itself. Get one rated to operate a motor of the same power as your fan. There are a couple on the official compatibility list that should work.