Assign a location to a Smart App?

I created this app:

All went fine and it’s listed in my “Smart Apps”. It’s also OAUTH enabled and published. However, it does not show up in my ST app.

Although I have a location created in the IDE and the ST app is using it, when I look at the Smart App properties in the IDE it shows no location assignment. I can’t figure out how to add that location assignment. It doesn’t appear on my phone app at all and I think that is why. This makes the Smart App useless at this point.

I looked in the Wiki, but could not find out how to do this.


Hey there,

I tried to load a copy of your app and it thru multiple errors.

Can you explain how you are trying to interact with location?


Thanks for the response.

I didn’t write that app. I copied and pasted it from the tutorial that I linked in the OP.

Ultimately I’m trying to integrate the community functionality. I’m starting with the Nest app. However as part of the procedure it said that I had to install this app which seems to act like some sort of the installer for third-party stuff.

I am very new at this so I’m sorry if I’m not answering the question clearly.

The Community Installer SmartApp was written by the same developer that wrote the NST Manager SmartApp:

The steps for creating a version of the existing code for any SmartApp:

  1. Login to (not graph.api… or any other url). This is the most likely reason you are not seeing it under Marketplace in the Mobile App.

  2. If you have GitHub enabled then you do not need to do a Cut/Paste of any code. You can simply Update from Repo which can create and publish the code automatically for you. You will need to look those instructions on creating a GitHub account.

  3. To manually create and publish in the IDE, you will goto SmartApps. Create New, From Code. Go copy the code from GitHub (Raw) and then paste into the New SmartApp.

  4. Create

  5. Then Publish For Me

  6. Then perform the OAauth Enable for the SmartApp.

Perform any remaining steps in thsoe instructions.

  1. Then open the SmartThings Classic Mobile App.

  2. Goto Marketplace tab

  3. Select SmartApps

  4. Scroll to bottom and select My Apps.

The Community Installer should be listed there for you to Install the Application.

After you have successfully installed the Community Installer, the idea behind this is that there are several SmartApps available that can be installed directly using this SmartApp without having to perform steps 1 thru 7.

However with that being said,others have been reporting issues with the SmartApp in the official page where you should be posting any issues or questions, not this thread. See below.

Also, my recommendation to someone being new and not understanding all of the background knowledge yet with the SmartThings platform is to follow the instructions for a SmartApp like NST Manager and not doing that with this community installer which is just a shortcut that won’t allow you to understand where all the pieces go or how it is built and installed. Sure it takes a lot longer to create all the DTHs and SmartApp code (pretty simple if you setup GitHub in your IDE though).

Anyway, hope this helps you out a bit :slight_smile:

[BETA] Community SmartApp Installer

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Yeah I haven’t explored this area a lot so I’m gonna bow out. Given all the things that I see broken as I’m trying to develop my own system, I’m thinking about just flushing the Samsung stuff in favor of a different platform.