Arrival Sensor plus code on smartlock

Hey Guys,

I am curious the best way to go about this. I want codes for my lock only to be available when a presence sensor is detected. I imagine something like in away mode, clear codes. When arriving, program the code to that user.

Let me know if you think its feasible to combine those options or even if I am thinking about it all wrong.


Given the unreliability of presence sensing I’m not sure that I’d want my ability to open my door depending on it. Yeah, I usually have a key as a backup…but didn’t 2 weeks ago when, for the first time in 24 years in my current house, I walked out and locked the door behind me after leaving my keys sitting on the kitchen counter. That said…

What type of presence sensing are you using, and which smart lock do you have?


Schlage be469 and phone arrival. I wouldn’t be opposed to zigbee arrival
sensors of it made more sense.

I know on my Schlage lock you can disable the keypad. Maybe something like that?

I myself don’t understand the need to clear and reprogram the codes with the coming and going?
Sounds like your asking for trouble. Out with friends not carrying presence sensor, phone battery dies, now what?? Your lock is disabled you can’t get in without a key?

Why not just use a key then?


To the best of my knowledge, that’s the most unreliable type of presence sensing with ST. Now I’m back to thinking that this is a bad idea…and I’m not even sure of a good way to accomplish it with a Schlage lock.

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Actually disabling when not home sounds just right. I didn’t realize that
was an option.

Not sure how well it works since I have never used it. I don’t use / toggle hardly any of my locks settings / options.

Note code entry option in top right.

I use @RBoy software. Him or some of the others who developed the software for the locks is who would know best what your options are.

If you’re using the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock DH

You can use the disableKeypad and enableKeypad commands to disable and enable the keypad. Setup a rule in CoRE when everyone leaves to run the disable command on your command and when someone arrives the enable command and it should do what you want.


Thank you very much guys. @RBoy I am a giant fan of your work. Thanks for the community support!

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@RBoy Does the disable keypad option work with kwikset 910’s?

I totally agree! I first tried just using the presence sensing provided when you add your smartphone. Instead of controlling a lock I just had it set the Smart Home Monitoring system into ARM or DISARM mode based on the presence of three of us. What a total fail as nothing but false ARM and DISARM occurring randomly throughout the day when ST incorrectly identifies the location of the smartphones. My wife was so irritated because she was the one at home having to deal with all the nutty activity of watching TV then seeing all the lights turn off, TV shutdown, etc. Got an ear full that night. :frowning:

No it doensn’t, check out this comparison of features between locks:

Got it. Thanks. No bueno for the kwikset.