Schlage Connect + smartthings arrival sensor automation not working

So our presence sensors are working just fine, the issue comes in when I am trying to use the sensor to automatically lock or unlock my door. When I leave, it didn’t lock behind me and the smartthings app won’t even let me set it up to have it unlock when I get home. I don’t use location services on my phone and would like to get the arrival sensor to do it.

You can use routines with the old app to do this

As others have noted here, presence sensors do not function consistently. And using presence to lock and unlock doors is discouraged.

This is a bit unfair, if you don’t have a solid zigbee mesh or serious interference in the 2.4ghz space then yes they will be inconsistent… i have a solid zigbee mesh ie at least 1 zigbee repeating device in every room and my presence sensors are rock solid… and have been for years. I still use the original fobs from the old kickstarter days and i do use them to lock and unlock my doors. Just about all my automations are based around presence.

My presence sensors haven’t had any issues other than taking forever to mark me as away.

Some smart programming and usage can mitigate this so that they can be used reliably.

First smart component: do NOT rely on a presence device leaving to lock your door for you. Set it up so it locks immediately upon closing. Otherwise, your security is indeed compromised.

Now, you can use the returning presence sensor to un-lock that lock. There is one that does function consistently, if you modify it a bit: the Smartthings arrival sensor. The key is to give it more juice than a coin battery. Mine have been working without issue since I last gave them fresh AA batteries in August of last year. It will never trigger erroneously from three miles away, as might a geofenced phone; it triggers only when you are well within sight of the door. You can search this forum for the modification process - which typically involves removing the ST sensor from its fob and installing it in a four-AA battery case (with two AA batteries supplying the power).

Sorry if I’m picking on your post a bit. But you see, it’s because people refuse to be smart about these things that companies like Samsung take away great features such as using presence to unlock the front door. To me, it’s the best of my automations - and in fact, it’s the very reason I bought Smartthings in the first place. So I find “…is discouraged” to be kinda sophomoric. Do it, but do it smart.

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Can you tell me exactly how you got it so that your presence unlocks the door? Aside from upgrading the battery source on the sensor. I will definitely be doing that. You hit on one part about the sensor that is frustrating to me - how far away you have to get… which of course means that your door would also unlock from that far away! No bueno. What I am looking for is a hands free unlock when I am within eyesight of the door without using my phone to trigger the unlock (i.e. Wifi, Bluetooth, or worse, NFC) as I often find myself walking up to my door with my hands full.

It’s actually one of the simplest things in (classic) smartthings. It’s a routine: when presence sensor A arrives, unlock front door. You could do it with many sensors in one routine. I use separate routines for each sensor, so I can use Webcore for customized greetings and whatnot.

Anyway, the Smartthings arrival sensor only triggers once every 30 seconds… and needs to be within Zigbee radio distance. So it only triggers as you are arriving at your home.

The two-AA battery modification is what has made it completely reliable. Prior to that it was flaky, but now it’s rock solid.

In my smartthings app, it only gives me the option to have my sensor lock the door upon arrival or when leaving.

I guess you have the new app then… it does not permit unlocking via sensor.