Arrival Sensor died

Hi, Not sure if this is the right section of the forum for this.

I gave a arrival sensor to my sister who comes by to feed the cat occasionally and it died on her, I bought a new battery and it looks like I may have broken it when I tried to change it as the battery won’t stay in place now that I took the old one out.

I removed the sensor from smartthings and now it’s not showing up when I try to re-add it no matter how many times I push the little button while holding the battery in-place with my finger.

Do I need to buy a new one? Can this be saved?

I broke the battery holder on mine. I just held it in there while I snapped in close. It is still working. If I pry it open the battery will fall out. Like you I now know how fragile the holder is and to be very careful of the tiny plastic tab that holds the battery in.

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Same thing happened to me. I even knew it was an issue based on previous posts on here, but still broke it while being gentle with it.

Just hold the battery in place and snap it closed. Once it’s closed, it’s fine. When you open it up again, the battery will just fall out.

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I have the same problem and I can’t add the sensor again. I was working until the battery died and now, with a new battery, there’s no way to add it again. Did you solve this?

When I replace the battery on mine, I don’t have to add it again. After a while it just checks back in.
If you actually removed it in smarthings, you might have to factory reset it to get it to join again or something along those lines.

Maybe smarthings support can see more and tell you if it has indeed gone missing? Or at the minimum help you reset and reconnect it.