Arming with door open

I set SHM the other day and it told me a door was open. Sure enuf there was. My question, if we arm the system then close tge door will that door still be monitored? Or do I need to disarm, clise door, rearm?

Typical alarm behaviour is once notified of the exclusion, even if closed post arming, it is no longer monitored.

SHM being such a piece of crap (seriously, NOBODY should rely on it for home security!), quite frankly I don’t know how it’ll behave. Try it for size & see for yourself in your ecosystem! It is not like it is going to actively alert the police or a monitoring company (unless you have Scout)…


Yes, I will try it myself. Just thought someone might know the answer.

I guess it depends on what you want from an alarm system as to whether SHM is good or bad. I don’t want monitoring, except by me. So this system works great for me. If a door or motion sensor, etc. triggers while the alarm is armed, the siren goes off, all my lights come on, a speaker speaks out to warn the intruder, I get a push notification with a unique tone to alert me that there is a problem, my wife gets one also. Other than a monitoring company, or calling the sheriff, not sure what else I would want. Or what else a home security system should do. I don’t think they would allow me to flood the house with tear gas or anything.

My router has backup cellular if my internet goes out, the router, modem, hub, etc. are all on UPS if power goes out. So I have everything other alarm systems have except monitoring.

So I guess I’m puzzled as to why so many people bad mouth ST as totally unfit for home security. Granted a high dollar monthly fee system will get you monitoring, etc. but that is not for everyone.

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I believe some people talk bad about it due to there experience with it being unreliable or slow ect… Plus some users are speaking from experiences where SHM and Smartthings is just unreliable for them. It great that yours is working great for you, but others can and do have issues.

I personally gave up on it because of false alarms if you unlock the door manually (forget something and run back in after locking door) we could be in the door before SHM would realize the house mode had changed or get disabled. NOW if I had an alarm or notifications set up it triggers.

I still use it for some things, just not as much as it is designed for. You’ll probably find many discussions on the subject both for and against.

Everyone has personal expectations and requirements and operating parameters. Everyone has different definitions of what they call reliable and or what their willing to live with in the terms of failures / glitches.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Agreed. The experience OP describes would be a pretty functional security system. Unfortunately many people have had experiences that include false alarms that can’t be turned off, failure of the alarm to go off when it should, etc. In short, a generally unreliable alarm system. ST has improved things in the last year or so (presumably OP wasn’t around in March 2016 when the whole system basically just took a giant shit all over itself for a few weeks, particularly SHM), but for many people there’s still a ways to go until it reaches the level of reliability that would make it a security system worth entrusting your property and family’s safety to.

So it’s not so much an issue of lacking features that other security systems have (although what other security system doesn’t have keypads??). It’s that it fails to live up to its stated expectations for many people.

I must add that is a very accurate description of what happened. It was indeed pretty bad and made a lot of people realise what a mistake it was to rely on smartthings 100% for security. I still use SHM now but only to supplement a real alarm system.

I didn’t mean to minimize problems that others might be having. I haven’t had ST that long. Byt over the years I have had several different systems and they all have issues at times. If the security is of utmost importance then a high priced monitored system is probably needed. But even those can have problems. There is no full proof, totally reliable system that I have ever seen. By the, way my ST has 2 fully functional keypads that work fine.

Keypads only work thanks to community-developed device handlers; without installing custom code there would be no functional keypads.

Also the lack of entry/exit delays severely limits the usefulness of any keypad.

I completely agree. I like having a security system but frankly I’m not actually that concerned about a home invasion so I’m willing to make due to ST and SHM despite its limitations.

I have entry and exit delay on my keypads, with beeping. I used the uth and a simple core piston. So far as worked perfectly.

I agree if security was my primary concern I would do something else. But for overall automation it suits my purposes.

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That’s good that it works well for you. It works fairly well for me but I feel like I don’t ask a lot out of my automations. I haven’t tried to use core yet. I prefer the relative simplicity of rule machine, which isn’t supported anymore, or other community-developed rule engines like smart rules (which costs a few bucks). SmartThings provides an inconsistent experience across user installations, and it requires a lot of attention/troubleshooting for many people unfortunately.