SHM Door Opened When Set Question

(JIm) #1

I know this has probably been covered already, but doing a search and wading thru all the answers…well…

If I arm the SHM, say to night mode, and a door is open.

  1. Do I get a notification that the door is open?
  2. If I then close the door is it then monitored? Or do I have to turn SHM off and back on?

I’m not using SHM now, using my own smartapp. But with the changes in the new version thought I might revisit it.

(Terry Grant) #2

Mine will actually set the alarm off when i close the door if it is armed with door open. However, it does send a notification that its open when arming. So I have to remember to disarm and shut door and re arm

(jkp) #3

I do not get the alarm going off when I close an open door/window when shm is set to armed. I simply close the door/window and all is good.

Note: mine is based upon contact sensors in the rules and does not involve motion sensors

(JIm) #4

So 2 diffferent results here. Interesting. May just have to do a temporary configuration and see what happens.

(Terry Grant) #5

I would love to know how to fix this issue, its annoying when you forget…

(JIm) #6

That’s why I wrote my own app. In mine if a door is open when the alarm is armed I get a notification. And the alarm is set to trigger only on a transition from closed to open. So if I close a door after it is armed nothing happens. If it re-opens then all blank lets loose.

Main reason I’m checking now is I am going to be setting up a system for a friend and am trying to keep it as generic as possible.

(Jimmy) #7

mine sends a message the SHM is armed and XYZ is still open. If I close it, it does not set off SHM. This is in the Classic app.

(JIm) #8

Once you close it, is it then enabled for the alarm? In other words if it re-opens then the alarm is triggered?

(jkp) #9

That is correct.

(Jimmy) #10

yes it is.

(Bryan) #11

Yep. What he said.