Armed for one user, but not all?

Hi there,

I was wondering whether anyone could clarify something for me please?

I understand how to set up and use SHM, but it only works on one device - i.e. when I set SHM to ‘Armed’ it only reflects this state on my phone, but not other devices with the classic ST app installed.

I’d like to be able to have it so that anyone authorised to access the hub can arm, disarm and receive intruder alerts. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any help!

It likely is changing the state but the other apps aren’t updating the status if you are watching both devices at the same time. if you are on iOS - there is bad caching issues. force close the app on the device in question, reopen the app and see if the state is correct.

This is how it works - try tripping the alarm. If you have push notification set up all devices/users should get the same notification.

Thanks greg - do I have to set SHM up on each device with ST installed?

No - when you set it up it is for that hub location. So assuming your other devices are looking at that same location - you are good to go

Let’s be sure were talking about the same thing: are you using the classic app on all the phones? Or is the one where the status doesn’t affect the others using the new "smartthings ( Samsung connect) " app?

The reason I ask is because many people get confused when they try to use both apps. The reason is that although both apps have a feature called “smart home monitor” these are actually two completely different smart apps that just happened to have the same name. So changing the SHM armed state in the new app will never change the SHM armed state in the classic app, even on the same phone.

Hi JD. Both phones, and an iPad have classic installed. The state (armed, disarmed) shows on all 3 now after a short delay, but there are only alerts coming to my phone (ST hub set up with my credentials).

Can this be changed so alerts go to all devices signed in and authorised to access the hub?

The SHM app notification should go to all devices at the same time. The SHM SMS notification can only go to the mobile number you registered (if any).
You also have to check others phone did not disable the notification for the SmartThings classic app.

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Cheers for the reply. We’re not getting notifications to anything other than my phone which was used for setup. :-1:

Suspect either:

  1. Location/Hub is not properly set on your family mobile phones.
  2. your family accounts are not well set: contact Support.
  3. your family members phone are muting notifications: log in with your credentials on one of them. When a SHM event happens it should broadcast to all devices under the same account for sure. If it works then the problem should be 1 or 2 above.
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Are you signing onto the 3 devices with the same samsung ID or using 3 different accounts?