Arm / Disarm Locally?


Does anyone know of an easy way to use a remote lie the Aeon Minimote so a button can be used for local control of Arm / Disarm as I had hell today when the internet went down and I got home.

I cannot find a direct way to add ideally a short press for arm away and long press for arm home, and I read some suggestions that one should add a routine. I tried this but routines do not show up. I tried to add an option in scenes but could not see a way to control the arm functions either.

If any one has any solutions please let me know. If anyone can persuade Aeon to allow the hidden plus and minus buttons to be used, even better.

Can’t be done With any model except the ADT/smartthings model hub. And even there it can only be done with the dual logo keychain remote, not any other device. And again only with that specific model hub, not with any other model of the hub.

Smartthings is still primarily a cloud-based system. If you don’t have access to the cloud, you cannot change the mode or the smart home monitor armed status. And you can’t even use your phone app, such as to individually turn a Z wave siren off. Routines can change the mode, but do not run locally. Lots of discussion about this over the years, but it just is what it is.

Really the only model which is appropriate for home security is the ADT model, and it’s a decent low-cost system. If you follow any of the “security” links on the smartthings website now, they will all take you to that model.

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Hi. I actually just did it.

In my example, when remote button 3 is long pressed it links to virtual switch called Virtual Away. I have a routine which changes the ‘Set home Monitor’ mode to ‘Armed Away’ which automatically performs when something is turned on ‘The Virtual Away Switch.’ I did the same for the ‘Armed home’ using long press button 4.

Would have been nice to have a direct option, but this works and is local control so I can now control the alarm when the internet goes down.


You can do it that way as long as you have the cloud. Try disconnecting your modem from the Internet and see if it still works. Routines do not work locally as far as I know, if that’s changed it’s been in the last few days.

You are right. That sucks that everything is local but the routine.

What a huge design fail that one has no way to turn off the alarm if the internet goes down, not with a remote or something anyway. It seems like they are ‘quite possibly illegally’ trying to force people to use the paid ADT system.

There’s nothing possibly illegal about it. They never promised it would work without the cloud, and in fact specifically promise that almost nothing has to work ever. And what does work may stop working at any time. See the terms of use and product usage guidelines:

And the not being able to disarm without the cloud had been in effect for years before they introduced the ADT model line. ( which also works without the contract, I believe.) They just designed ST as a cloud-based system.


I know people who work on this, and they claim it has been the intention to hold ST back to promote paid service of which Samsung profit. That is illegal.

Even if it were true, which I doubt, it still wouldn’t be illegal in the US. They are not required to provide you with any free services beyond what is stated in the terms of use, which promise nothing. See the links above.


So without using a remote, is their anyway to arm disarm the alarm at all without needing to be connected to the internet. Maybe a direct switch or something?

It depends what you mean by “disarm” and what you mean by “the alarm.“

There is no way to change the smart home monitor “armed state“ unless you’re connected to the Internet. So whatever local automation you have set up to run in the armed state will continue to run. If you have a rule that says “if the armed state is away and the front door is opened, turn on all the lights in the house and set off the siren,” Then if the armed state is away and You lose connection to the smart pthings cloud, then every time you open the front door, all the lights in the house will turn on and the siren will sound until you get access to the smartthings cloud again. So in that sense there is no way to disarm the smart home manager at all without access to the smartthings cloud.

And you couldn’t use the smartthings app to either change the rule or turn off the siren because those things require the cloud as well.

But you could certainly cut power to a plug-in siren with a locally operating switch , just like you could take the batteries out of a battery powered one. Or just unplug it.

Then if you open the door the siren would not go off because it didn’t have any power. The Smart home monitor armed state would still be armed, and the rule would still be in effect, and the hub would still send a message to try to make the siren sound. But without power, no sound would be made.

Of course, then you would also have disabled your security device.

But that’s the only option if you don’t have access to the smartthings cloud, to literally take the individual devices off power altogether so that they could not be turned on from the system again until power was restored.

I was looking for a way to do this and couldn’t find anything so just came up with this.

Set my hubs Locations to be:

  • Home
  • Away
  • Stay

Created Scenes:

  • Home - sets Location to Home
  • Away - sets Location to Away
  • Stay - sets Location to Stay

Setup automations:

  • if (anyone is home) then Location = Home

  • if (no one is home) then Location = Away

  • if (Home) then Security = Disarm

  • if (Away) then Security = Arm

  • if (Stay) then Security = Stay

Long Press - runs Home scene
1 Press - runs Stay scene
2 Press - suppose you could have it run the Away scene for testing but I’ll probably reserve this for something else; maybe turn of the siren directly in case the internet is down as noted in other comments but I guess I could also add that to the home scene or one of the home automations

What you’ve done will work As long as the smartthings cloud is available, but it’s not what this thread is about. The OP wanted to be able to arm/disarm locally, meaning when the smartthings cloud is not available or the Internet is out.

What you have set up requires the smartthings cloud, because at the present time any change of the security.mode requires the smartthings cloud.

I’m assume some of that last comment could help? If local controls like turn off the siren were added to the “home” scene (plus what ever other local controls); then it’s at least a work around to the lack of this ability when the internet is out?

If you have it all in the same automation, it just won’t run.

But if you set up a separate smart lighting automation (From the three horizontal line icon in the upper left, not from the “add an automation” + in the upper right) just for the siren, you would be able to turn off the siren that way as long as the siren also around locally.

The problem is that since you didn’t change the security.mode, it’s quite likely that it would keep triggering and start sounding again and again and again every time the trigger condition was met. :rotating_light: :scream:

This has happened to community members in the past. For example, if your siren is being triggered by a motion sensor, then every time that motion sensor detects motion the siren will sound again.

Or if it was triggered by the front door being opened, then every time you open the front door the siren will sound again.

This is why you will see discussions about taking the batteries out of the sensors or taking the siren off of power. It’s not enough to be able to turn it off locally. Since you can’t change the automation which is triggering the siren to sound in the first place, then that just keeps happening.

Plus remember that the app doesn’t work when the Internet is out, either, so you have to have tied it to a physical device which also runs locally.

This is why people are always asking if there’s a way to change the security.mode when the Internet is out, but unfortunately, as of this writing there just isn’t.

Ah! That makes sense. I just came over from wink so still picking up on the smartthings world! Thanks!

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