Arm and Disarm by using kwikset keypad?

I already have my smartings setup to unlock the door in the garage in disarm the system when I arrive, based on my phone being used as a presence sensor. Im running into a problem when I give a lock code out a friend or neighbor. The code of course will work to unlock the deadbolt, but it does not disarm the system. Im looking for a way to use the keypad on the deadbolt to disarm and arm. For instance, on a successful pin entry that results in an unlock, run a routine that disarms. And when someone presses the lock button, run another routine that arms. I currently use User Lock Manager for managing user codes. That has an section titled “keypad info (optional).” I can’t figure out if thats the right section to setup what I’m trying to do. For instance, I specified the “I’m back” routine under the disarm routine section. However, the system is never disarmed when unlocked. Any help would be appreciated

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Still looking for an answer on this.

I was able to do this with CoRE, however sometimes there is a delay between the door unlocking and the alarm disarming, and if the door is opened a second too soon it will still set off the alarm. Never figured out the solution to that.