Arlo Q with ST and konncted

I use my ST ios app with wired alarm system. The alarm is integrated into ST app via konnected panel and its app. Since I do not need the hub for this I sold it over a year ago. Starting to regret this decision now…

I want to buy a indoor camera that would start recording when alarm is set off. I am looking at Arlo Q. Any other options there?

Do I need ST hub to connect Arlo Q to my ST app or could it work in a similar manner than konnected (i.e. without a hub)?

The hub is only required for zigbee or zwave devices, you don’t need it for the Arlo Integration. It was recently rewritten to go with the new architecture.

Thank you. Maybe some suggestions, which is the best camera to use with ST? I’ve read numerous complaints about Arlo Q.