Arlo Q Plus Work with ST?

So i bought a samsung smartcam hd pro recently and returned it a week later. disconnected every 5 minutes, TERRIBLE interface, SD function stopped working and reset button would not reset the device.

I want to get a replacement and Arlo Q looks awesome, but I am still unsure because it seems that nest still has some quality advantages.

  1. Does Arlo Q (plus) work? I don’t want the regular battery arlo because i hate devices with battery reliance.
  2. Why is smartthings integration with IP cams so slow and most of them suck?? Smarthings is letting me down lately
  3. The dlink cameras seem to be rated as bad as the Samsung smartcam.

Does not. Sad.
Got ST and Arlo Q and a couple motion detectors. Opened the first two first. Looks like I’ll be returning the ST and the motion detectors. I also discovered (could’ve found if I’d looked harder) that Caseta are also not supported.

So Arlo Q, no does workie.

Arlo Q integration coming in January 2017:

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