Arlo Pro external battery details

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Arlo Pro External Battery details

In short: one cannot use an external battery for continued operation on an Arlo Pro set. Recharge, yes. Operational, No. Why I wanted this is described below.
After reading positive/encouraging earlier posts I purchased a standard fast charge USB external battery which does not function nor charge. Then further reading uncovered a 9V requirement for which I purchased a QuickCharge 2 external battery: neither functions nor charges. Both these solutions gave various amber LED blinks and error messages confirming No Go. Very clear feed back (big thanks Arlo.) Still further reading found the requirement for Qualcomm QuickCharge 3 (QC3.0) capability. I ordered a 30,000mAhour external QC3, an outstanding product from Zerolemon ToughJuice. 600 grams.

This immediately proved successful at charging the internal battery but will not operate the camera w/o the internal battery. And due to the QC3 implementation once the internal battery is charged and quiescent operation begins, the draw is not enough to keep the QC3 protocol activated and the external battery power management shuts down. These do not automatically “restart” a charge; they must be clicked, pressed or poked.
QuickCharge uses a communications protocol to optimize the charge rate and duration. Most implementations retained standard USB operation as well as adding rapid or QC capabilities. Arlo Pro did not keep the compatibility but delivered a terrific package and form factor plus the new solar charger, which unfortunately for my shade and HOA restrictions I cannot fulfill my video monitoring without 110V AC addition.

My main entrance location (outdoors) is a deep overhang on a northern exposure (zero solar) and the attic is 40“ deep of blown-in (very messy to hard wire.) The internal Pro battery is 2500mAh spec. In order to take advantage of the security capability with motion, night vision and reasonable resolution I was recharging every 5-7 weeks. The 30,000mAh USB is about 10x extension and would have been reasonable to drag the ladder, recharge and reposition periodically, and my intention was to use the internal battery’s indicator to notify my recharge event.

Last note: I did not try the 12V automotive version of QC3 with a small, deep cycle ATV battery. Its possible the 12V adapter may not shut down although it is an exact QC3 protocol requirement. And as a Rube Goldberg fan I was tempted to implement a standard USB-powered actuator on a 555-timer, mechanically squeezing the external ToughJuice battery’s Go button once per week to “top off” the internal battery. These excellent external batteries have one QC3 port and 2 or 3 standard USB outputs. Pair that with a color-matched Sterlite or small power box to hide it all and one would have an annual recharge. Nope.