Arlo camera solar integration

I thought I would share my arlo solar charged integration.

12v battery, 7808 transistor, capacitor, solar panel.


That’s nice, I have been pondering something along the same lines. For whatever outdor camera I go with. The Ring camera system has this as an add on option.

Now that’s a pretty cool idea. I should be able to adapt that with my Blink cameras that have a usb port on the back for power.

Does it require a diode or something to prevent the solar panel from becoming a load on the battery when it’s dark outside? I’m not an engineer or circuit designer just thinking outloud.

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The capacitor you used is not a 0.1F, it’s a 0.00001F (10uF). Upgrade it to a 100uF. I would also use a diode and the suggested 330uF capacitor at the input of the voltage regulator. Diode with anode to batt’s +, cathode to uA7808’s IN. 330uF capacitor with plus at the diode cathode and regulator input junction, - pin at the GND. This would prevent any reverse voltage applied by mistake (life saver for your camera should you ever power it in reverse) and also provide a much smoother DC voltage out. Is the ARLO okay with 8V? Why not go with 6V?

Thank you for the input. I was hoping someone would chime in with better schematics I am no way an electronics wizard this was drawn up by a coworker I’m just good at following directions. Could you explain in detail what the components you suggested will do for me.


The diode would prevent reverse current from flowing through it. It has an anode and a cathode (the cathode is indicated by a line drawn around the body of the diode at that end).

A diode only allows electricity to flow in one direction, when the bare end is more positive than the lined end. Thus, placing it with its anode towards the + plug of the battery and then connecting the regulator input to its cathode, would ensure that current would never flow backwards, therefore protecting your whole setup from an accidental reverse polarity. I am assuming you are no longer using the batteries in the Arlo, you would have to use some diodes there too, if you did. But I see no point in using the batteries.

The capacitor is only there to make the input voltage smoother, to allow for a more stable output voltage. Given you’re connected to a battery, that’s just a huge capacitor, so it may not be needed at all.

Hi, my first post here.
I like your solar charging solution and nhave a few questions. I have a Moultrie 6 Volt solar panel and a 6 volt 7mah gell cell battery, 317 controller chip and a 100uF capacitor I’m going to use for a similar setup.
Is that a voltage regulator pot attached to the red wire? If so am I correct to assume you need that to dial back the voltage output to 6 or 9 volts the arlo needs? I could skip it?
I appreciate any help you could offer.