Arlo Cameras motion detection latency

I’m considering replacing my PIR motion detector by an Arlo Q or an Arlo PRO camera. Since PRO and Q uses different motion detection strategies to detect motion (PIR vs Image) and they also should have different refresh rates due to power source difference (battery vs cabled) how long is the delay to raise event in smart apps like Smart lightning and smart security?

Any one uses any of these cameras as motion detectors? Good experiences so far?

PS: Please note that this question is not related to the latency to recording discussed in other threads, it is only about motion detection events.

I use CoRE to turn various lights on when motion is detected by my outdoor mounted Arlo Pro cameras. Motion triggers and the lights come on within a second. I’ve not had any significant latency issues.

I too use CoRE to trigger a few things with Arlo motion and it’s super fast. I haven’t noticed any latency issues either. Pretty happy with it!!

I use smart lighting. No issues with delay.

Thank you for the answers

What’s the Arlo model you are using? Arlo Q or Pro? Any issues or longer
delays with motion detection with these cameras?

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Rafael Borja

I am on the old wireless Arlo HD devices that run on batteries. That is the only platform I have used. The motion detection trigger is very quick and his picked up through SmartThings and reacted on in a fraction of a second.

Video recording on the other hand usually has a few second delay before it starts up.

I’m using arlo pro as motion detector. Good experience so far. Latency is in ~1.1 seconds (between movement and event triggering in smartthings).

Some notes:

  • Battery life is not dramatically changed by the use of movement sensor.
  • Arlo uses a mode called Smartthings mode to enable ST integration. It means that there’s no way to separate a simple movement trigger from a record or notification event. All events in SmartThings mode requires a trigger action, that can be ((recording or generating a notification. I’m using the last one and I receive a notification for every movement detection :persevere: )
  • There’s no much control from Smartthings. You can not arm/disarm your cameras from Smartthings. The only allowed actions for arlo pro turn on/off the camera (not recording, the entire camera)
  • Siren can be controlled by Smarthings :slight_smile:

Since Arlo supports IFTTT, with a little ingenuity, you can use a virtual switch in ST to do all kinds of things with Arlo cams. I use a switch to arm/disarm. About 1 second latency. Good enough for me.

That’s an option. But I’m trying to reduce complexity and dependencies for my ecosystem.

I’m. Considering implementing a smart app using arlo api to arm/disarm it.

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I’m using arlo PRO now, and the latency is pretty good. In around half a second the event is in ST.