Arlo 2 Camera with HomeKit AND SmartThings?

I don’t have these cameras, but a the company released HomeKit integrations for both the Arlo 2 and Arlo 3 last week. The Arlo 2 has a SmartThings integration, the Arlo 3 does not but does work with IFTTT.

A friend of mine has confirmed that even after upgrading the firmware so that his Arlo 3 can work with HomeKit, it still works with Ifttt as well.

Can anyone confirm if the Arlo 2 upgraded to work with HomeKit continues to work with smartthings?

Thanks! :sunglasses:

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My Arlo Pro and Pro 2 cameras work with Smartthings, Homekit and Google Assistant.



my arlo pro and arlo pro 2 all work like a champ with smarthings. My Arlo Doorbell, not so much

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