Are you serious (repeated problems every night, May 2018)

I wonder if you are experiencing this bug?

Fix bug causing inability to control Zigbee devices for short periods of time
Fix time sync incorrectly causing a radio reboot
Better handling of Zigbee radio reboots to lose fewer commands

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It happened again about an hour ago:))))
Not only bulbs but outlets, switches, dimmers you name it… Only wifi things work.
I did not participate in any beta version but I will check this out
thank you so much…

Since its happening after sunset (most of my setup changes after sunset) I am wondering if any of the pistons are causing this BUT i don’t have any pistons that deal with ST hub in anyway, in terms of checking status etc…???

Nope not only bulbs:)) But I have about 70 bulbs (2 ph hue bridges share them)
Combination of all zwave and zigbee devices cost that much (including electrician labor)

I know it’s not the immediate solution you desperately need, but maybe tomorrow evening you can leave a live logging window open and if it occurs again, take a screenshot and post it here. That would help eliminate some possibilities. Also, support may be able to look into your system and see what the cause is.

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That is a great idea… I sure will do that tomorrow.
I already opened a ticket and waiting to hear from them.
Thank you so much.

Sure thing… you are right… here are the details

All of the bulbs are PH hue A19 (Over 50, guess around 70 but shared by 2 PH hue Bridges)
All outlets are GE Z-Wave Plus Tamper resistant (Over 20)
All Dimmers are GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Paddle dimmer
All switches are GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch
5 Ph Hue light strips
5 Sonos one speakers.
Somfy blinds - with RF to zwave adapter. Every room works with company provided remote but no luck with zwave controls.
4 Harmony hubs. (IR devices work through harmony app but ST IDE simulated switches that triggers harmony activities wont work)
All of the echo shows and dots work ONLY for playing music. They won’t take any voice commands.
ST Hub Firmware 000.021.00013 (I believe its called first gen?? - Bought in late 2017)
Iris Motion Sensors
Philips 473389 Hue motion sensors (They needed a device handler IDE - But just 5 of them)
ST motion Sensors
ST multi purpose smart sensors
Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensors - Over 10
Multiple RING PRO door bells (But they are wifi anyway)

Basically everything (Except wifi devices) gets effected.
Lets say I try to turn on a light bulb or an outlet with the ST app, it says “turning ON” but nothing happens.
Alexa will try to turn off paddle switches and nothing happens.
Motion detectors wont register any motion.
And meanwhile ST HUB green light is solid.

The only thing I have not tried is, controlling the lights through PH HUE APP just to test it.

And all comes back as if nothing was wrong after a simple unplug - plug back of the ST HUB

Please let me know if there are other details that you need to know…
Thanks for the help

Here’s how you can tell which hub you have:

The V1 hub was EOL in 2015 and the firmware version you gave was for a V2 hub, so it’s probably V2.

When you say your Echo Devices “won’t take any voice commands” do you mean they don’t respond to “Alexa, what’s the weather tomorrow?” Or rather just that they can’t control your smartthings devices?

Based on your list of devices it does sound like a hub radio failure of some kind, but since it’s affecting both zwave and zigbee at the same time that’s more complicated. It could be a once a day synch issue similar to the ones that the beta reported.

At this point, I would definitely wait and see what support says, as there are things they can see from their side that we can’t.

Good luck–let us know how it goes!

What kind of Wi-Fi system are you using?
Is it a single router? Or a multi router mesh system?
If it is a mesh, is the ST hub connected to the primary router or one of the nodes?

I am running an Asus app mesh Wi-Fi system and I have found that sometimes a node will lose connecting to the primary, but will stay connected to my devices. Everything thinks it is working properly, but the internet dies.

My problems, which were similar you yours ended when I moved my hub to the primary router.

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My hub is Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)

Alexa can answer the weather etc just can’t control ST devices.
I opened the support ticket and waiting to hear from them.

I sure will let you guys know…
Thank you.


I forgot to mention that ST is a little weird in that “solid green” just means “connected to Internet”–unlike most other home automation hubs, they don’t distinguish between “ready to receive commands” and “connected to the internet, but too busy to talk with you right now.”

For example, if the ST hub is downloading firmware updates, the LED will be solid green even though app commands will not work during this time. (In contrast, Harmony hubs show a Red light when the hub is downloading.)

Green (solid)
What it means: Hub connected to LAN and cloud
What to do: The Hub is successfully connected and ready to go! Hello, smart home! When you see this during initial setup, the app will also give you the go-ahead to connect devices to the Hub.
The LED may also be solid green when the Hub is downloading firmware updates.
If the LED is a solid green but the Hub is inactive, restart the mobile app. If this doesn’t fix the problem, contact our support team.

So based on the affected device list, my guess is that once a day your hub is trying to complete a download (either firmware updates or time synch), that download is failing, and the hub is getting stuck, requiring a reboot.

The reason the cloud to cloud integrations still work is they don’t require the hub at all–the app talks to the ST cloud, the ST cloud talks to the other cloud, the other cloud talks to the device. So the ST hub being busy doesn’t interfere.

But this is all pure guesswork on my part, ST support will be able to tell for sure. :sunglasses:


My wifi system is:
AmpliFi HD with 5 mesh points through out the main house.
Hub is connected to the primary router.

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When that happens tomorrow I will wait to see if it will be resolved automatically. I was jumping in and restarting as soon as I realize. But I am going to wait about 10 minutes this time.

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Sorry I didn’t see this post earlier…
Property line is too far to get any signal even if wanted to steal their wifi:)))(that would be lovely:)

Check your firmware and see if there is an update. My problems were finally resolved when Asus updated the firmware.

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Possible you have a HUB issue or its going bad? Most devices Zigbee bulbs and other devices might be local running (Can verify this in your IDE), which would rule out the Cloud and put it back locally. I have 30 devices and all but 4 are local running, if things act up in the house its not the cloud with those devices since they are all running local to the HUB. Just something else to keep an eye on, if its going down that often at different times.

I know it’s hard to be patient in these circumstances, but personally, I would give it an hour. If the problem is that it’s trying to complete some updates and they’ve now been interrupted multiple times in a row, I would just give it time to sort itself out. The hub does keep an internal backup now (it didn’t used to, but they added that ability a few months ago), But if this is the problem it will need time to both do a restore and then complete the interrupted download.

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One thing I have noticed from your list of devices is that you may not have any ‘mains-powered’ zigbee devices acting as repeaters/routers. It looks like all of the zigbee devices that are direct-connected to the ST Hub (not the Hue Bulbs, as they use their own bridges) may be battery powered. Also, I believe there is a 32 device limit within Zigbee that you may be hitting if you don’t have any zigbee repeaters/routers.

Just a thought… Hope it helps.

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Actually, when you said about Zigbee repeaters I realized one pattern change @JDRoberts was asking earlier. I recently added 6-7 new outlets to use as a zwave repeaters, 8 new motions detectors (only motion detectors are now over 25) and 5 water leak sensors (and this was roughly around 10 days ago) Since I already have old ones in place just added more of the same, I did not consider this as a pattern change
Actually, this might be it. I was for some reason only thinking about z-wave and totally missed the zigbee.

I will immediately get some zigbee repeaters because YES I DON’T have any electric powered ones.

I will do my research but any personal favorites (for repeater/routers)??/
Thank you @ogiewon

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The Iris Smart Outlets works great for Zigbee repeaters as you can just plug them in anywhere.

I don’t and will not use the Z-Wave repeater that they double as because of known issues with them.

To rebuild your Zigbee mesh, unplug the Hub and take out the batteries for about 15 minutes…At least this works for me.

Good Luck!