Are you missing @ben and what do you think is he is up to? ;) (2014)

Dating? Fishing? Chowing? Relieved? Drinking?

Please add to the list, fellow partners in crime!

he’s driving across the country!

Although I like to think he’s secretly a club dancer and is auditioning for You Think You Can Dance

So it’s not “pick a platform” it’s “pick a stage”? Why do I think I’ll need a bunch of ‘ones’ to see the show? Wooohoooo!

is he still traveling?
was he dating someone?

You’re replying to a thread which is 5 years old.

A lot has happened in that time, not just to Ben, but to the rest of us. And to the platform. Don’t worry about trying to catch up: just stick to threads that have had activity in the last 12 months for now, and you’ll do us all a favor. :sunglasses:


I had the same question. It’s kinda interesting to know what is everyone up to. I recently came out of the closet and now am a proud member of the LGBT. Also found a new job and am moving a lot these days. It’s a very fulfilling thing actually. At first it was hard because I had trouble connecting to people since I was always on the move. I read many self help books and a lot of online post but one guide in particular helped me the most. ( It has the best and easiest pointers and they are universal so I advise everyone to read this if they want to build a strong social profile

What do you mean? It’s just showed up in the Latest list… :wink:

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