Are weather automations completely broken?

I’m trying to use the new app to configure an automation to turn on my porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise (thus usint the “period of time” feature). For whatever ridiculous reason this PoT feature cannot be used as the only trigger, so I’m setting a related gate of “as long as the humidity is >=0%”. The app is perfectly happy with this configuration in order to create the automation, however, it never triggers.

I called support and they suggested a workaround of using the Specific Time feature instead of PoT, which means I’ll need 2 separate automations (ON and OFF functionality). This Specific Time version does not require any other triggers and it’s working flawlessly.

Either PoT is broken, weather is broken, or both. Any thoughts?

I use accuweather for my weather triggers. Other than having to select Celcius to get temp in Fahrenheit, it works well. I use it in webcore to trigger automations including sunrise and sunset