Are there any zigbee or zwave outlets that default to ON after losing power?

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug and Repeater with 2 USB Ports coupled with RBoy apps device handler will do what you’d like and more. After power failure choices are Restore last state, Stay on, or Stay off. Plus, since the device measures wattage consumption and kWh usage, you can change how often it reports said information based on absolute wattage change, power consumption changing by a percentage set by you or frequency in seconds set by you. They’re also the best and most reliable smart plugs I’ve used so far. I pick them up when they’re on sale for under $20 which is actually pretty often. Unfortunately, the most recent sale seems to have cleared out inventory, but they have more on the way.![IMG_1D781ABDC6E5-1|231x500](upload://pP74F3L5ZGckbF86ltOpCYLqgfL.jpeg)