Are there any WiFi outlet plug adaptors that work with ST?

Are there any WiFi outlet plugs adaptors that work with ST? I have an outlet that I want to plug a fan into and switch with ST but it needs to be wifi because the ST hub is to far away. I see plenty of these online but they seem to work with there own phone app, not ST.

The officially supported ones are WeMo switches.

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@jkp Thanks was about to edit and add iHome as well. Beat me to it!


I have several of the Wemo Mini and Insight Smart Plugs and I have never had an issue with them.

*WIFI Devices are a little more difficult to get on the Network as you usually have to temporarily join the Network of the individual device first and walk thru the process and then rejoin the network normally. It’s all about following the instructions carefully. Think I had a couple of minor challenges with these guys at the beginning. I know my LIFX lights that I have out front and pretty far away from my router had me going toe to toe for 3 rounds.

If you were to purchase two Zigbee smart outlets, and you placed the 2nd one closer to the hub, it will act as a repeater for the one in the room with the fan and the more Zigbee devices that you add that can act as a repeater, the stronger the Zigbee mesh becomes in your ST environment and it distance from the hub is no longer an issue.

And even then they’re cloud execution. If your internet connection goes out your Wemos go with it.

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Recent reviews for the ihome ISP6X say Smartthings is no longer supported. Wemo looks good but $$$… Gonna look into it some more.

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Add SQLDBAs comment to my last little paragraph in top of it.

What’s the distance of the outlet that fan is plugged into from the hub?

Do you have places in between that outlet and the hub to place a second Zigbee outlet?

I have these as well and no issues, plus as SQL stated, these are Local processing.

Edit: I actually have one of these out front that is about 60 feet from my hub that a power transformer is plugged into for outdoor lighting, and it hasn’t ever gone offline or messed up within ST.

I have some of the iHome ISP6X smartplugs and they are working fine with ST. The new ISP100 wifi outdoor plugs are not currently supported with ST.

Or instead of Zigbee, you could go the Z-Wave route and do your environment justice and aesthetically more pleasing with something like this that is also supported:

The ST Hub is in the house and hooked into wired ethernet. The outlet in question is inside a half buried concrete shed about 75ft away. The Wifi router is in the concrete shed as well. I do have an outside outlet on that side of the house but not sure if ZigBee/Zwave’s gonna go another 25ft then thru 8inches of concrete wall.

Shed gets damp inside during winter and things start to mold, so then fan I have now is hooked up to one of those Christmas light timers and exhausts the damp air for an hour every night. But I want to have more control and increase or decrease the time remotely.

I have had good luck with using several cheap ($10 each) outlet plugs in my smartthings routines using IFTTT. More details in this thread

You can use Wemo Mini switch with SmartThings.

I guess I should update my post concerning iHome smartplugs earlier in this post. I do have some and of late, things have not been so wonderful.

First, they updated their app in the Fall and it has become extremely painful to use. It can take up to 1 minute between app functions. Example, when I first open the app, it takes about one minute before I can select an item in the app or to simply scroll drown to the bottom of the listed devices. If I open a device, I have to wait another minute. And so on, every time I swip, select, look at something, then I have to wait before I can continue.

Second, I need to unplug the devices every week or so to get them working with ST again. It has become extremely annoying. There have been a couple of iHome system outages in late January and February. Yesterday, they performed a system update and I had to reset 4 of my devices to get them working with ST again. The process of resetting 4 plugs took over 30 Minutes because of item #1 noted above.

Right now, I would probably steer folks away from their products unless they get their act together and resolve some of their recent issues. :frowning:


Anyone using ISP100(b) w smartthings?
trying to integrate into my smartthings hub and not sure where to start.

Is it compatible with ST?