Are there any smart circline lighting fixtures compatible with Smart Things?

Most of the lighting in my house are controlled by Smart Things, but I still have several older lighting fixtures that have circline fluorescent bulbs (the ones that look like a circle) that I want to replace with smarter lighting solutions.

Does anyone know of a good solution for circline lighting fixtures that also talk to SmartThings? Or at least Z-Wave or ZigBee?


I have those in floor lamps and I just put the lamp on a pocket socket or outlet. I like using these because they are also Z-Wave repeaters. They are currently $34.99 but they often go on sale for less.

The devices I am using are lighting fixtures (specifically overhead lights) that are physically installed in the ceiling, so the plugs aren’t helpful in that sense. I would either have to replace the fixtures themselves or find a smart circline bulb.

I would then recommend replacing the wall switch instead of trying to replace the bulbs themselves. In this way, if ST cloud or the Internet goes down, you can still physically turn the lights on and off.