Wireless T10 Fluorescent bulb?

My basement and garage have old-school tube fluorescent fixtures. Does anyone know of a manufacturer making wireless bulbs of this kind?

I suppose if not, my wireless control option would be through a wireless switch. Any other ideas?

First, just to be clear, by “wireless” you mean “networked” to a home automation system, right? Not battery-operated?

If so, there are a couple that have been released for office buildings, but none of them that I know I will work with SmartThings. They’re all based on their own systems.

There are several companies that make smart switches that can work with SmartThings, though, and handle fluorescent tube lights. Leviton makes a Z wave version and Lutron has one in their Caseta pro line. These will both require a neutral wire at the switch. But if you have that, these are a good option.

My house was built in the mid 50s and had quite a bit of fluorescent tube lighting. We are using the Lutron switches and have been very happy with them. The Lutron switches do require that you get their SmartBridge as well to handle the integration but it’s pretty much a “set and forget” device. Very low maintenance.

I know this is old but I’ve stumbled here while searching for the same thing that I think @bironology was looking for. I’ll respond and say that yes, I’m looking for a slot-in replacement for a F96T12/D/HO-O 110W Philips bulb bulb.

The optimal product I’m looking for a drop in replacement that is LED illumination technology instead of fluorescent (this is trivial), but one that is also Smart Things controllable (so my One App Can Rule Them All), and has full RGB.

I don’t mind if I have to buy more hubs or middle-hardware. I just care that, in the end, my Smart Things platform has full control of the lights.

Does that exists?