Are there any published Device Types for Aspire RF Dimmers? If not, how does one connect them to ST Hub?

I am looking to run a lighting system through the ST Hub. It seems folks really like the Cooper dimmers. But I can’t find any device type handlers to actually integrate them with the ST hub. What am I missing? Before a spend a couple $k on switches, i’d love to confirm whether or not i can actually control these switches with an ST hub. And if not, why are people so enthused with them?

I found one on here for the RF9500.

Might be some others that a search could bring up

Ya I wrote one too with dimming and color integration… have you bothered searching

Thank you, but are you aware of any device types for a non-battery-operated dimmer that directly controls the load, i.e. 9540 or 9534?

There are a number of people using Cooper switches with ST in the following thread, you might ask there to see if they’re just using the generic Zwave dimmer device type or something else: