Arduino Multichannel Energy Monitor?

(David Colston) #1

General Question…

I know there are some Arduino based energy monitors on the net. I’m interested in monitoring more than just two channels of the main (L1/L2) on my home… possibly at least a few more circuits… (heavy hitters like A./C in Florida), for instance. Realizing that the Arduino shield provides a conduit to the Arduino, but not being a programer, I’m curious…

Is anyone working on an Ardurino & Shield based energy monitor than can be integrated with ST?

Appreciate any comments…


(Andrew Mager) #2

I haven’t worked with the Arduino shield too much but I wanna get better with it.

I bet that you could use an Arduino sketch like this:

Then you can view the data as a tile in SmartThings if you write a device type that exposes capability.powerMeter.

@tgauchat or @urman might have better ideas.

(David Colston) #4

Thanks Andrew,

The referenced web site is what got me thinking along these lines. I’ve also seen another site where 4 CT’s were being monitored, although not with the ST shield. I’m currently just starting to work with the Arduino and learning about it – actually just learning about the ST world in general. Hopefully, over the next few days or weeks, I’ll get a little more capable.

Thanks for your input.


(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #5

@Flightrider Did you consider supporting the Energy Curb Project? They have a product which is also supposed to be compatible with ST. I think they have some pre-ordering ongoing at this time…

(David Colston) #6

Thanks Ashutosh,

I did look at the Curb. My problem is I’m a typical engineer… willing to spend enormous amounts of time and effort to THINK I’m saving money, even though my total out of pocket when done buying tools, testers, probably an oscilloscope, and a Bridgeport while in “development” (just kidding) is MORE than I could have just bought the gizmo for. But I have a lot more fun. Besides, the Wife gets to buy HER something equal in budget to what I spent – well what I tell her about anyway! Meanwhile, I enjoy the tinkering around part… Isn’t that what about half the IDE guys are about anyway…


(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #7

Great! I am an electrical / RF engineer too and i share similar sentiments, except that i usually focus my energy on innovation. I usually like challenging myself on creating something on top of what already has been created, to add more value , or try to create something totally new - after all there is an old saying “there is no need to re-invent the wheel”. With that being said, i understand that everyone has their way of finding what excites them the most. If re-inventing excites you then thats great! Get your hands dirty and show that “if they can do it, so can i” - nothing wrong… I was just trying to help :grinning:. Good luck with the project… !

(David Colston) #8

Thanks Ashutosh,