Aqara smart wall switch H1 with neutral wiring fail

I tried to install today two smart switches and I almost got them to work but didn’t fully.
Here’s the wiring config:


  • Switch1: I have 3 wires coming out: BLUE (Neutral), BROWN (Live), and YELLOW/green (ground)
  • 3x smart GU10 LED (zigbee) connected to the switch
    I tried placing the wires as follows: Blue to N and BROWN in the L in the smart switch. The switch is powered but the LEDs are not and I think they need to be powered on by default so I can add them to ST hub.

Switch2: I think this one is a two-way switch with 4 wires

  • Sonoff ZBR3 switch

The bedroom switch won’t power up at all.

PS: I have basic knowledge of electric wiring so please can you help me out with this?
What am I doing wrong? Do I need to put a jumper between L1 and L for the kitchen?
Thank you!

it’s like doctoring via internet.

there could be many ways you fail and burn something. Call real electrician.

It’s not really clear why do use both (wired) smart switches and smart bulbs.

It’s not really clear why do use both (wired) smart switches and smart bulbs.

I tried replacing my old switches with smart ones, to still have the tactile function. I’m not using voice assistants.

if you have smart bulbs you should use (cheaper) wireless switch, and put wiring to always on .

or if you want to keep your wired switch you should wire it and put it to always on in preferences (decouple button from switch)

I think the same goes to your Sonoff device

wireless switch + smart devices
wired switch + dumb devices