Aqara sensors unavailable

All my Aqara door/window sensors have started failing since last week. I have 6 GE ZigBee switches downstairs and almost all these sensors are connected to one of these switches. These have been very stable the last 6-7 months since I added these switches.

I have tried dropping and re-adding them, new batteries, hard booting the hub, rebooting from IDE. The only working sensor is connected to a ZigBee repeater. Interestingly at one point the repeater seemed to be hung too, I had to recycle it to bring it back to life.

Interestingly 2 of the failing sensors are directly connected to the hub. Almost all these sensors are in line of sight of the hub. Even though IDE tells me ZigBee is operational, I am not totally sure.

Any suggestions what else to try ?

You could try powering your hub down for at least 15 minutes (I recommend 30 to be safe) to force your Zigbee mesh to rebuild and clear up any garbage. Unlike a zwave repair to rebuild a zigbee mesh, powering down the hub will cause Zigbee devices to feel “lost” and rebuild the mesh when the hub comes back online. Somewhere int he Community is a post on how/why that works.

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If it’s a V2 hub, make sure to pull the batteries too when you power it down.

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I have already hard booted the hub twice. One of those times I had left it down for a couple of hours.

Crap, ok. Sounds like you would have done all the usual diagnosing as I would have. I have tons of Zigbee devices, but unfortunately none are Aqara devices.

Any chance you’re using a custom DTH? If so, you could try saving and republishing the DTH. There have been cases where a stale DTH caused weird things to happen. There are posts about that too somewhere around here.

I am using bsprangers DTH. I will give that a shot.

That worked. All I had to do is set device to something else and then reset it back to the custom DTH and all of them are back online. I hope it sticks. I was almost at the point of replacing all 30 of these with MCT-340 E.

This proves you can still save a lot of money without even switching to GEICO.

Thank you John !!


LOL, glad that worked!

Interestingly, all of them are back to unavailable.