Zigbee sensors disconnecting / reset


About once per month, my zigbee sensors stop reporting to the hub.

These include the smart things moisture sensors, smart things open/ close sensor and the smart things multi sensor.

To fix these, I have to go around to each one, remove the battery for 10 seconds and then it works again. The battery power is reporting as high (70-80%)

My question is:

  1. Would zigbee repeaters keep this from happening?
  2. Is there an easier way to reset all of the devices (similar to the zwave repair function)



To answer the second question first, repairing a zigbee network is super easy. Just unplug the hub for at least 15 minutes. The routing table wil be rebuilt automatically after you plug it back in. :blush:

As far as the first question…do you mean they all stop reporting on the same day? (In which case it’s likely a hub problem)? Or that each one fails about once a month, but with different devices failing on different days?

Thanks for the reset imformation. I will try that. :smiley:

They don’t all fail at the same time. Right now 3 of my 6 moisture sensors are offline. 1 of my 8 door sensors are offline. The ones that drop out simply stop talking to the hub until I remove the sensor battery and plug it back in.

I am going to try one of the plug in motion sensors which double as a range extender.

Is there a way to repair those devices remotely using smartthings app? Or do I need to physically be there?

It depends on exactly which devices we’re talking about.

You can run does the zwave repair utility without being there. It doesn’t require doing anything with the individual end devices. It’s just a utility that you run from the mobile app or from the IDE.

For Zigbee devices, you have to power down the hub. If you have a way to control power to a pocket socket that it plugs into without needing to use SmartThings itself, you can do it that way as long as you haven’t put any batteries in the hub. If you put batteries in it, there’s nothing you can do because it will keep itself powered. So if you want to be able to do a Zigbee repair remotely you can set it up that way using a WeMo pocket socket or something else which is controllable even when the smartthings hub is off. But you have to plan ahead.

I just tried to repair the zwave network as you suggested. But the zwave power outlet still is not controllable.

What did the logs say when you ran the repair utility?

There is a reboot hub under utilities in the ide.

Yeah, but the problem is that’s an instant reboot. In order to force a zigbee heal and rebuild all the address tables, you have to take the hub off power for at least 15 minutes, including off battery power. That’s enough time that all the individuals zigbee devices will go into “panic mode” and then when the hub comes back on power they will all rebuild their address tables.

Again, this issue only comes up with Zigbee. With Z wave devices, you need to run the Z wave utility, but the hub never has to go off power. Different protocols, different ways of handling the rebuild issue.

Doing the reboot shoukdn’t hurt anything, and it might help if the problem is it’s the local hub is out of sync with the cloud account. But it just doesn’t address the zigbee heal issue.

If you are remote, its still worth a shot. If a zigbe devices loses its parent, it should panic on its own and should try to connect. (I said should, it still may think its fine when its not)

Re-read the issue, and the device is zwave. My guess is that it dropped off and needs to be added manually. So luc2yj will need to be there.

I have been experiencing this issue too.
Some official Samsung sensors, and zwave bulbs show disconnected in the new ST app.

All automations work
They show online and working in ST Classic.
They show online and working in IDE


  • pull the sensor battery for 10 seconds. (or turn off power to the bulb for 10 seconds)
  • done
    *** no need to delete and add device ***