Aqara Mini Switch (Button) via Matter Bridge not working (Nov 2023)

I just paired my Aqara M2 Matter hub to a SmartThings Station. The bridged accessories show in SmarThings, but I’m having issues with the Mini Switch. When creating a routine, I should have 1 press, 2 presses, or long press. But everything shows as just long press when creating the action. I’m new to SmartThings. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? Thanks!

hello, yes I can confirm, I also have the same problem.

I use the first option, the one with multiple options doesn’t work in smarthings matter

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Matter doesn’t have a button category, the devices are represented as switches. So it’s up to each manufacturer how they expose their device’s characteristics.

Some buttons, like the tuo, do manage to expose a double click function through matter. But many work exactly the way you describe: the button basically only has one function.

You should contact aqara support and let them know You would like to have more options for the button since they are the ones responsible for integrating it to matter in the first place. :thinking:


I’m having the same problem with the Aqara mini switch/matter integration. I submitted a ticket just now to Aqara. I will let you know what the response is.


Well, Aqara’s customer support is useless. After I stated the problem with the Mini Switch working with Matter through ST, they said that it doesn’t work with ST, then he listed out 16 devices that only work with zigbee and ST natively. I wrote them back telling him again that I’m connecting through Matter not zigbee, and point him to the aqara site that states that all the devices that currently work with Matter. I just got a message back today stating that “our Aqara Mini Switch at this time has not been updated with Matter. Please monitor our website for updates.”

Frustrating that their own CS doesn’t know what is on their own website, or the current compatiable technology and products.

Looks like we might have to wait and see. Aqara Matter is still kind of in beta. I did read an article that the FP2 should get Matter support end of this year or beginning of 1st quarter 2024. So I’m guessing there will be a new driver update soon. Hopefully they will add more devices and fix some of the “current compatible” devices.


I saw there was a M2 firmware update, didn’t see any release notes. But I tried the Mini Switch and it works now with all three press functions. Can anyone else confirm? I wonder what other fixes were in the update.

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Hi i have added the aqara button to my smartthings through the aqara hub integration but only one press is working has any one ells had this issue.

I have moved your post to the existing thread discussing this issue. :thinking:

great thanks iv cheeked for updates and still no joy unfortunately

I just added one yesterday through matter, but mine has the same problems others have described: if I do a single press on the button, it is reported to SmartThings as a long hold even though the interface implies that these should be different functions.

I get the same result if I add the M2 as a matter bridge to Apple Home.

The firmware on both the button and the M2 hub are up-to-date.

Did you have to do anything else to get it to work correctly? The only thing I haven’t tried is rebooting the smartthings hub (which is a SmartThings station). :thinking:

My aqara M2 hub and my stock edge driver for the Aqara button Both had firmware updates today (Aqara M2 firmware upgrade to 4.07_0006.0646 ) and as of now, the button connected via the M2 as a Matter bridge is showing all three states and triggering routines successfully. :sunglasses:


So, having seen the idea on YouTube, I linked a cheap Aqara hub to my Smarthings hub, it was quite simple to do it via matter, once I worked out that they have to be on the same wireless network!!!

However, my excitement at my basic aqara wireless button linking immediately to the aqara device, as opposed to the countless times I have to try to get it to pair each time it disconnects from my Smarthings hub without rhyme or reason, was quickly tempered.

Although the button was now showing in Smarthings via the Aqara hub, the only press it supported is “held”. Single press was read by the hub as held, as was a double press. It seems that the Smarthings hub wasn’t getting the feature set from the Aqara hub

Has anybody got any suggestions please?

Thanks a million!

Yeah, a lot of people, including me, ran into that same problem. It gets fixed with an aqara firmware update. I’m going to move your post to the thread that discusses that. So just read the thread from the top and you’ll see the firmware number that you need to have to fix it. Mine works fine now. :sunglasses:

If that update is not available for you in the aqara app, contact aqara support to see if they can get it for you.

I have an E1 hub, and the mini buttons still don’t work through matter. The motion sensor and temperature sensor works, though.