Aqara FP2 tested with Smartthings?

I bought yesterday the new Aqara FP2, I know Smartthings support the oldest model FP1 but I can’t find one and I bought the FP2.
In Aqara app is a little bit complicated to configure the room place but is a very interesting sensor and seems works fine.
But like all of us, I think, we want to integrate all the sensors in the same place, Smartthings hub, and I’ve trying to find some way to do It but I can’t find anything :confused:.
Anyone try anything different, anyone with drivers.
Best Wishes

“Support of the new smart home standard, Matter, is also planned for the FP2, and will be added to the device via a subsequent OTA update.”

From here

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The FP2 is a WiFi device, so the integration options are different. (The FP1 used Zigbee)

So as @Andrew_Bartlett suggested, your best bet is probably to wait for the matter integration. Once done, that will not require any custom code as long as you have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub.

Until then, you can get partial integration through Alexa routines or IFTTT, but it’s limited and obviously requires the additional service. :thinking:

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