Approach/Leave triggers for GD00Z-4 Open/Close

How do I enable/implement the approach/leave events for my existing GD00Z-4 Garage door opener as described in the blog post?

The Linear (GoControl) Garage Door Opener is an all-in-one controller that can open and close your garage door remotely as well as monitor the status with a built in-tilt sensor. By pairing it with SmartThings, you can set it to automatically open as you approach, close behind you as you leave, and much more.

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You need a presence sensor (could be your phone) that can trigger a hello home action/routine.
Use the “I’m Back” routine and select the “phone presence sensor” as the trigger and the Garage door open command as the action.

The catch is that some people are seeing issues with the phone as a presence sensor causing delays or unnecessary events. I wouldn’t want the garage door to open in the middle of the night because ST thinks my phone “left” and “arrived” for example.

There are some community developed apps like SmartRules that can add more sophisticated logic including limiting the time of day, days of week, etc.

I am looking into implementing iBeacons for reliable phone/vehicle presence detection when I am 50-100’ from the house.

I see. I thought there were some improvements to this that allowed it to understand “approaching” and “leaving” versus “here”/“not here”.

I just got the GD00Z-4 and have it setup to open when I come back, if it wasn’t for the long delay between being instructed to open (beep beep beep beep beep beep…) before it actually opens, it would be timed perfectly as I approach and got ready to reverse in.

If you set the ‘Goodbye’ routine with at least a 2-3 minute delay, you won’t get any false triggers. At some point I’ll set a routine to close the garage door after.